CompuPlus International Inc is an innovative IT consulting firm offering enterprise solutions for a wide range of projects and business needs.

CompuPlus specializes in mid to large scale systems implementation & integration. It also offers its clients complementary services such as Consulting and Education Services in the high-end client/server technologies.

CompuPlus specializes in the niche areas of Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Data warehousing tools and technologies.

CompuPlus view people as its chief asset. The company invests strongly in its main resource - its employees - by training them in new technologies and skills, and by providing them with a working environment that inspires creativity and innovation.

A quality-conscious organization, CompuPlus is committed to delivering services and solutions of the highest standards.  This is achieved by defining formal procedures and processes for various tasks and ensuring that these procedures are adhered to.

CompuPlus holds certain beliefs about what it takes to achieve benchmark status as a provider of high quality IT services and solutions. These beliefs are certain qualities that the company possesses and strives to uphold.